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R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K 7 How to contact us What to do if you have a complaint Please tell us about it Contact the court manager or housing or care manager and explain fully the nature of your complaint. You do not need to fill in a specific form. We will allocate your complaint to the relevant member of staff and will contact you within two working days to check the details of your complaint and to let you know the name of the person dealing with it. We can send you a written acknowledgement and will at this point set a date to meet you or talk further. There is a 15 working day deadline for handling and dealing with your complaint. You will receive a full response answering all the issues you have raised and giving details of any actions or compensation if appropriate. If it looks like the investigation will take longer we will discuss this with you. All responses will be reviewed by a Head of Service before being sent and recorded by the Customer Service Manager. If you arent happy with the response There are two other options to consider Referral to a Designated Person such as a local councillor MP or our Residents Panel. Referral to our Residents Panel who will discuss the complaint and either fast-track it to the Housing Ombudsman advise us the decision should be reconsidered or that the complaint was handled well. Tel 0303 123 1622 Email H21complaintsuggestionline Letter to FREEPOST RTJE-LEHY-SGLJ Housing Care 21 Tricorn House 10th Floor 51 53 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 8TP More information can be found in the Guide to making a suggestion comment or complaint leaflet on your court.