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How to contact us How to contact us When contacting Housing Care 21 we aim to ensure that All those who come into contact with Housing Care 21 staff will be treated with courtesy honesty and respect and according to their individual needs. Confidentiality will be respected at all times. Our staff will be polite professional and helpful. Our staff will deal with enquiries efficiently and quickly. All Housing Care 21 staff will respect your privacy. Housing Care 21 head office Housing Care 21 10th Floor Tricorn House 51 - 53 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 8TP Tel 0370 192 4000 You can contact us by e-mail using or via our website Customer services and rent enquiries Tel 0345 607 0272 Email propertyincomeadministration Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm closed on weekends and bank holidays. Contact us out of hours Repairs All repairs should be reported to your court manager but out of hours or if your court manager is away from the court please call 0345 603 0099. Care If you need to contact us about a care issue your care provider details will be recorded on the front cover of your care folder. Suggestions comments and complaints Suggestions and comments We genuinely welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. For example you may not wish to complain but think we could improve one of our services or you may wish to pass on a compliment for good service. If this is the case then please tell your Court Manager or Housing Manager. You might also sign up for Partner Shop or volunteer to attend one of our Improvement Groups where we meet with residents. See page 32 about getting involved. Do you have a complaint We define a complaint as any service we provide that you are not happy with that cannot be resolved initially and that requires a response. We welcome complaints so we can learn from them and improve our services in the future. We have a one-stage complaints process with the aim of resolving complaints in a timely manner first time round. This means that you dont need to appeal to a second stage before taking a complaint to others outside Housing Care 21. 6 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K