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3 2 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Getting involved Getting involved We want you to participate in the improvement and development of our services nationally and locally. Your views count and you can have a real influence over the way in which we operate. This is your home. You should not only know what is going on but be able to influence decisions that affect it if you choose to do so. By involving you regularly and in different ways we hope that you feel able to influence policy we use your ideas to constantly improve our service we offer you value for money. We will consult you regularly on issues affecting your home such as management maintenance or improvements to your home the provision of services nationally and locally proposals to change any terms of conditions of your tenancy agreement changes in our policies capital investment programme and performance our service performance. Housing Managers meet with residents frequently to communicate and engage with residents locally. We also give residents regular information on the work of Housing Care 21 through our magazine My Time which is published three times a year. How will we consult you Consultation takes various forms. We may contact you by letter by personal visit hold a general meeting at your court liaise with you through the Residents Association or ask you to be involved in other ways. Some examples of the ways you can become involved are Court meetings we seek your views on what you would like to be done on your court from major works through to more social activities. We aim to hold local court meetings on an annual basis. Your views will be recorded and you can discuss services which you may like to see provided locally. The court manager will then provide feedback on how these issues and requests are being dealt with and any cost implications they may have. All residents the court manager and your Residents Association representative or Court Voice can play a part in these meetings.