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2 8 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Help with benefi ts credit are automatically entitled to maximum Housing Benefi t and Council Tax Support. In addition to the guarantee credit Pension Credit has a separate component called savings credit. This can be paid on top of the guarantee credit or on its own if your income is over the minimum level that applies to your own particular circumstances. Information about Pension Credit and how to claim can be found in the Benefi t Information Centre on your court and at Attendance AllowancePersonal Independence Payment the benefi t that has superseded Disability Living Allowance - you may be eligible for these allowances if you have ongoing health issues that result in support needs andor mobility diffi culties. Your court manager can assist in claiming these benefi ts and more information is available from the on court Benefi t Information Centre or at These allowances are not affected by income or savings and do not have an adverse effect on any of the income related benefi ts Housing Benefi t Council Tax Support Pension Credit. They may even allow for extra amounts of these benefi ts to be paid. Support charges Some courts have a support element included within the rent or service charge. This is for housing related support services which are services designed to enable and support vulnerable people to live as independently as possible. Housing related support is provided to many different vulnerable adults including older people. In most cases the support charge covers the cost of the emergency alarm system and an element of the court manager service. Local council fairer charging If you are not receiving Housing Benefi t it may still be possible to get some assistance with paying the support charge. Your local council may have a Fairer Charging Policy in place. This is used to work out what people can reasonably afford to pay towards the cost of the services that they receive. If you feel you cannot afford to pay the support charge please contact your local council to request a fairer charging assessment. Help with benefi ts continued