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2 4 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Repairs and maintenance Repairs and maintenance continued What about major building works Occasionally it may be necessary to do major building works such as a roof renewal or other refurbishment of the court or your accommodation. On these occasions you will be consulted before we do any major works and receive notice of when the works will start. Whilst to do so is unusual if it becomes necessary to move you before or during the works we will organise any temporary housing and pay additional costs. What do I have to do if I want to make improvements to my home If you wish to make improvements to your home such as fitting a new shower or cupboards you must get our written permission before you do the work. This work must be carried out by an approved contractor. You may also submit a claim if you end your tenancy for the residual value of any improvements that you are leaving behind provided that the improvements have been carried out in accordance with our policy. Failure to obtain our written permission will make you liable for the full costs incurred to reinstate the property back to its original condition should you end your tenancy. Where you require support in making improvements to your home you should speak to your court manager in the first instance. What should I expect of the maintenance contractors Maintenance contractors used by Housing Care 21 are expected to follow a code of conduct which includes health and safety and to work to a good standard. They should contact the court manager on arrival at the court keep appointments and be punctual never smoke on court introduce themselves and show identification to you be polite presentable friendly and professional at all times be patient be aware of the cultural needs of all residents respect your home at all times leave everything safe clean and tidy. If you are not happy with the conduct of any contractor or the quality of the work please inform your court manager. The full code of conduct that we give to all maintenance contractors is available from your court manager. Resident satisfaction survey We want to ensure that we are continuously improving the services you receive from us. With this in mind we will carry out regular satisfaction surveys of all aspects of our service to you including repairs and maintenance.