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R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K 2 3 Repairs and maintenance mechanical extractor fan in internal kitchen bathroom not working where there is no other ventilation insecure window locks above ground floor minor water leaks faulty communal TVsatellite aerials white goods subject to a usage charge minor electrical faults blocked drain minor roof leaks. Routine non-urgent repairs will be done within 28 working days of us being advised unless re-programmed for planned maintenance in which case you will be informed. Examples include minor plaster or painting repairs following other repairs carried out non urgent carpentry joinery plastering plumbing or electrical works non urgent external repairs e.g. paths fencing guttering dripping taps wall tiling non-hazardous flooring repairs non-offensive graffiti. What if a problem occurs Housing Care 21 will issue a works order to the contractor describing the work required and including a date for completion. If the contractor does not carry out the repair within the timescale you will need to inform your court manager who will decide whether to follow up with that contractor or cancel the order and raise it with a different contractor. We are committed to ensuring that repairs are carried out right first time and within our clearly laid out timescales. If you are concerned about the performance of one of our contractors then please let your court manager know. Your right to repair to get an urgent repair done and charge Housing Care 21 If you believe that we have failed to carry out an urgent repair to your home effectively for repairs under 250 you have a statutory right to repair. This means that you can arrange to have the work done yourself and claim the money back from us. However you must fully follow our repairs procedures If you are not happy with the standard of repair work you should firstly speak to your court manager who will try to get the situation remedied. If there is no court manager for your court please contact the housing manager. If you are still not satisfied please refer to our complaints procedure. If we still fail to remedy the problem then you may be entitled to arrange to have the work done yourself and claim the costs back from us. We recommend that you take advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau your solicitor or ourselves before taking any further steps.