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2 0 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Safety and security Safety and security continued Security in your home It is the responsibility of residents to take sensible precautions to maintain security. Some hints and tips are At night and when you go out even for short periods make sure you have closed all windows and locked all doors. Your front door should be locked at all times. Check the identity of all callers to your home before letting them in. All Housing Care 21 staff who visit residents in their homes have identification. Please dont leave a key under the mat or on a string inside the letter box. If you use an external communal door please ensure that it is properly closed after use. The court manager is also responsible for checking external communal doors and windows before going off duty. Use of the master key The court manager may have a master key which operates the lock on your front door. It will only be used in emergencies or with your prior permission and with a witness present. If you fit additional locks bolts or chains then the court manager will be unable to gain easy access in an emergency. If a forced entry is necessary you are responsible for the cost of making good any damage. When the court manager is absent the master key is locked in the key safe. The call centre can remotely unlock the safe in an emergency. The court manager is able to advise you on how to obtain additional keys for family members any additional keys can only be obtained with our permission. Duty manager system and court emergencies If you experience an emergency outside of office hours or the court manager is not on site you should make use of the emergency alarm system. Normally those operating the emergency alarm system will deal with emergencies. In the case of a serious incident such as a fire or flood the call monitoring service may on occasion contact the out of hours duty manager for advice.