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1 2 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Your home continued Car parking Most schemes have car parking on the site for residents visitors and staff members. We do not allocate specific parking spaces to individual residents although we do try to provide a very limited number of disabled bays if you have severe mobility problems please talk with us about what you need so we can find a solution where possible. If parking at the court is limited we may request that visitors park elsewhere. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is insured and taxed correctly or that the DVLA are informed that the vehicle is being kept off-road by making a Statutory Off Road Notification SORN. If car parking at the court is limited we may request that a car which has been declared SORN be removed from the car park. On courts where car parking is limited we will take a common sense approach to resolving any issues. Scooters and motorised wheelchairs Housing Care 21 supports where practical the use and storage of scooters and motorised wheelchairs. However not all courts have suitable storage facilities for storage of such items. If your court has access to a buggy store and there is room you will be able to use it. If your court does not have a buggy store please talk to your court manager who will try and find an alternative place to safely store your scooter or motorised wheelchair. When looking for alternative storage areas we have to be aware of our responsibilities for health and safety of the court including guidance issued by the Fire Service. It may not always be possible to find suitable storage areas for your scooter or motorised wheelchair and you will need to store it outside in your home or wait until there is room available. Please check that suitable storage and charging facilities are available before buying a vehicle. Your home