Bramble Hollow

Mr S at the tender age of 93 has been a Sunderland boy all of his life and was born in the Travellers Rest pub,  just up the road from Bramble Hollow in Easington Lane. His first memory is of sitting on his mum’s lap in the horse and cart at about 2 years old,  moving all their worldly goods into their very first house when his dad returned from the army in 1918.

He worked as a training instructor in the local mines for most of his working life and was captain of the first aid team at the pit.  He was obviously very talented as he went on to become an Officer  Brother with St Johns Ambulance and was one of the very last people to ever be awarded the British Empire Medal for his services to First Aid in the Mines. 

Mr had been a widower with 5 children for 12 years before he married A who was working as a nursing sister at Sunderland Royal Infirmary.  They are still together, but now Mr S continues the  thoughtful and attentive theme to his life as the main carer for his wife.

Mr S always said that when he retired he would want to return to Easington Lane. From his second floor apartment, he has a clear view ‘up the lane’  to the old familiar sights. 

When asked what was the best thing about moving to Bramble Hollow,  Mr S replied ‘peace of mind’.  He feels he couldn’t have managed much longer at his previous home and now he has support whenever he needs it with people always around to talk to or give him a hand. Moving here was one of the best decisions he’s made and trust him, he’s made some good ones in his time!

Names have been changed to protect identities.