Mr and Mrs Phelps

Mr and Mrs Phelps live at Orchard Court in Reading, and were nominated for the ‘Good Neighbours’ Award.

A resident explained why she put them forward: “On Friday 23 May around 18:15pm there was a kitchen fire on the ground floor of our block. Around 15 minutes later we were all evacuated due to the smoke. Over in the other block, without hesitation, Carolyn and Roger Phelps took us all in and gave us a seat and made us all tea.

“Brenda, our court manager, kept us informed as we waited for two hours. There were 6 or 8 of us waiting with our walking frames. Carolyn and Roger were always there with a smile and a helping hand, we’re so lucky to have them and Brenda as our neighbours.”  

Court manager, Brenda, said: “Carolyn and Roger have only been residents for a short time but in that time they have been helpful and worked so hard. They have spent their own money buying flowers and shrubs to make the borders around the garden beautiful along with a herb garden for us all to use.

“It is so nice and welcoming to visitors to see their efforts looking so beautiful. They also feed the birds and have the energy to maintain the watering of plants and cleaning of the bird tables.

“On a sad occasion when the court had its first fire in 23 years, they really were good and the best neighbours because they invited those residents affected into their flat and made tea for them and chatted to them. They were quick to offer their assistance to me, for which I was very grateful.”