Maureen Lindsay

Maureen Lindsay is a National Committee Member with Housing & Care 21. She sent us her story:

“I live in Housing & Care 21 retirement accommodation in the north west of England. Over the years of living here I have become involved with residents’ committees instigated by the organisation.

At the residents’ conference in 2013, I met a man who lived in a Housing & Care 21 property on the south east coast. We chatted away the evening at the conference dinner, we got on very well and enjoyed each other’s company (considering I was sworn off men for life!)

Out of the blue a couple of weeks later I received an email from him and that was the start of a beautiful relationship. Considering that in our previous lives he was a 'mod' and I was a 'rocker' (Never the twain shall meet) we hit it off, and fell in love (never thought that would happen to me again.)

At 70 years old (me) and 66 years old (him) (toy boy) I couldn't believe this was happening. He decided to transfer to the court that I lived at, so now we live only a couple of doors away from each other instead of 300 miles away!

We enjoy living in Housing & Care 21, living an independent life with security and peace of mind. We are enjoying doing things together, living in the same court is great, we share meals and go out all over the place, have holidays, and still have our independence in our  own flats. We are enjoying the moment, a new lease of life. And I'm very glad Housing & Care 21 had a big part to play in this happening.

It is a great housing association and I love being a part of it, especially now 'she says' with a *twinkle* in her eye!"