Cole Court

Cole Court, a sheltered housing scheme in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, was nominated for the ‘Live Active’ award by two of its residents.

One resident said: “I think our court is the liveliest court, I have only been here since March 2012, but there is a very friendly atmosphere as there is always someone to talk to and give you help and advice. If you are poorly Elaine (the court manager) is always there for us. We have exercises followed by coffee mornings, also we play games that bring great team sprit and after our games we have tea, coffee and lunch, which Elaine does for us.

“We have raffles to raise money for different charities; we also have barbecues and afternoon tea with entertainment. Trips out to different places, such as afternoons out to other courts taking part in activities, with the winner winning a trophy (we won the trophy last time, and it takes place in our lovely lounge). We have lovely gardens and sitting areas, where we all meet our court manager, who really goes beyond the call of duty.”

Another resident explained: “A lively court we have in Raunds. I can’t think why, but then it dawns a court manager who is kind and fun. With keep fit, curling, coffee mornings, lunches, parties and fundraising to just name some. Our court manager with a cheery face is our gain. Our court manager is just awesome - our special Elaine!”