Gender Pay Gap report

Gender Pay Gap report

All organisations with 250 or more employees are required to publish their gender pay gap by April 2018, to raise awareness of and encourage employers to take action to reduce the pay gap in their organisations.

The pay gap is the difference in the average pay of women and the average pay of men. Two calculations are required – the mean and the median. The median is the mid-point average.

The pay gap for Housing & Care 21 is:

36% for mean pay and 28% for median pay.

The main reasons why women tend to earn less than men are that they are more likely to work part-time, they carry out work that isn’t as well paid and they take breaks from work to care for children. In Housing & Care 21, the pay gap is due to two main factors.

The structure of our workforce is such that we are female dominated, employing lots of women in lower-paid work such as care and administration. The other main reason is that women are under-represented in more senior roles.

We are committed to reducing the gender pay gap and being an inclusive organisation. We have therefore put together an action plan to improve gender equality.

The areas for action are:

Recruitment and Selection - redesign recruitment processes and selection tools to maximise objectivity in decision making at each stage of recruitment and advertise opportunities externally to improve the diversity of applicants for jobs.
Managing pay - use a standard methodology to determine pay for jobs based on objective criteria.
Flexible working - improve flexible working practices and think more creatively about job design.
Developing opportunities for women - improve the understanding of development needs specific to women and design and deliver a leadership programme for women to improve their career development and representation in senior roles.
Culture and behaviours - build an organisation culture that values diversity and facilitates inclusion so that women are able to contribute and develop successfully.

You can view the Housing & Care 21 gender pay gap report by clicking here.

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