Bruce's blog: Queen's birthday a reminder to celebrate old age

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the words “90 year old great-grandmother”? In our ageist society it would likely involve some aged person sitting passively with no purpose beyond staying alive.  
There are very rarely positive images on our TV screens or in the press of sprightly old women living full and active lives, but the Queen, who celebrates her birthday is a notable exception to this.  
Although we all carry pictures of the Queen around with us on stamps and money we normally only get to see her on television or in the media. I have been fortunate enough to meet the Queen twice and on both occasions I was incredibly impressed.
She was immaculately presented and made everyone she spoke to feel special as she gave each and every person her total attention. Even considering the many stylists and staff she must have to brief her and look after all the bits and pieces and hassles of life she is still pretty phenomenal.  
Her work rate is immense and she hasn’t shown any sign of taking it a bit easy or neglecting her sense of duty. A stark contrast with the poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy (who has written just two Royal poems in seven years for her annual fee of £5,750 and a barrel of sherry).
Now I'm not pushing the monarchy, that is a choice we all can make, but I don’t think the notoriously republican leaning Australians did anyone any favours by producing a fairly dodgy looking bank note showing the Queen about half her age.
I think we should all say congratulations and celebrate what a positive role model the Queen is for women in old age. Her 90th birthday is a reminder that we should stop accepting presentations of old age as inevitably being seen as a problem – there are lots of incredible older people who are just as active and engaged, we just don’t get to hear about them and join in their celebrations.

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