Housing & Care 21 signs fire safety agreement

Housing & Care 21 signs fire safety agreement

Housing & Care 21 has signed a Primary Authority Scheme (PAS) agreement with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS).

This means that CFRS will be the organisation’s single point of contact for fire safety regulation, providing it with fire advice that can be applied consistently even where this may differ from the view of the local fire authority. CFRS will provide ‘assured advice' that all fire services in the areas that we operate should take into account when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance. 

In the event that a fire authority decided to take enforcement action, they will need to obtain the approval of our primary authority, CFRS, before any such action can be taken.

James McCarthy, Housing & Care 21’s Director of Retirement Housing, said: “I am pleased to have signed a Primary Authority Agreement with Cambridgeshire Fire Authority as it will provide us  with certainty and confidence in our fire management procedures.

“Although Housing & Care 21 is a national provider of housing and services for older people, the Agreement means that Cambridgeshire Fire Authority will provide us with a single point of contact for fire safety. This will ensure that fire advice can be applied consistently in all of our properties.”

Area Commander Rick Hylton from CFA said: “We are pleased to have signed up to be the primary authority for Housing & Care 21. Working together we will be able to ensure the fire safety advice provided to all sites will be consistent.

“By pairing with Housing & Care 21 and having dedicated points of contact, we can ensure advice is available and provide an extra level of service to help protect vulnerable members of the community.”

Primary Authority schemes were introduced in April 2014. They allow fire and rescue services to enter into partnerships with businesses, charities and other organisations which operate across more than one local fire authority fire enforcement area, and become their single point of contact for fire safety regulation advice.

The aim is for the fire and rescue service to develop effective partnerships with the organisations and help them achieve a national consistency on fire safety matters.

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