Housing 21 responds to Government spending round

The Government yesterday announced details of its spending round for 2015/16 which includes a commitment to supporting health and social care integration through pooled budgets, and an additional £335million for local authorities in 2015-16 so they can prepare for changes to social care funding. The Government also showed its support for social housing with a £3billion investment and a guarantee on rent levels until 2025.

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcements, Housing 21’s Chief Executive Pushpa Raguvaran said: “We welcome the Government’s commitment to providing a strong housing and support framework to enable older people to live independent lives. In this review the Chancellor has once again reaffirmed the Government’s recognition of the contribution made by the housing sector in delivering economic growth. The Chancellor’s commitment to providing an additional £3bn for affordable housing and the guarantee on rental certainty will prove key in delivering this and we look forward to scrutinising the detail of the extended proposals.

"Integration will be a key feature of our future health and care system. The extra funding to help deliver this and the support for the new social care funding arrangements will be crucial in making social care reform work. Housing 21 has long recognised the need to provide services across systems and our extra care facilities are a strong example of how this can be achieved, delivering integrated health and care services in people's homes and acting as community hubs every day. These schemes along with other pioneering Housing 21 projects, such as our reablement and portable care projects and dementia nurse services,* help reduce hospital stays and admissions, as well as preserving older people's independence.

"We look forward to working with the Government over the coming years to ensure that the housing sector can continue to play a key role in delivering care and support services for older people in our communities.”