Coq au Blouson!

Housing 21 residents at Walton House and Age Concern’s “Natty Knitters” had a cracking idea when they visited a Grass Roots project in Failsworth. When they learnt that the some of the chickens were moulting too quickly, leaving them at risk in the cold, they picked up their knitting needles to create special jackets for their feathered friends.

Housing 21 welfare manager Joanne Jones said: “We visited Grass Roots and were inspired by the fantastic work they are doing. The site is just like a community project. When we found out that some of the chickens were losing their feathers due too moulting more quickly than usual, we were sure we could help out.

“We mentioned it to our residents at Walton House, they downloaded patterns from the internet and they got knitting away, enlisting help from friends at Age Concern.”

Around 40 jackets were knitted, complete with the ‘Pride in Failsworth’ logo, which the chickens are now wearing.

Grass Roots wellbeing development officer Sarah Lewis said: “The jackets look great and our chickens are wearing them with pride. Thanks go to the Walton House residents and Age Concern for supporting us in this way. It’s a fantastic example of communities working together.”