Application for people with dementia

Housing is one of seven European partners who will receive EU funding to work on a technology project to develop 'MyLife', a customisable touch screen application for people with dementia.  We will receive €74,480, equating to around £62,000, to help develop the application.

MyLife will be available on a computer or mobile phone and will give access to common e-services that are freely available on the Internet including:

  • calendars
  • photo albums
  • music
  • communication tools
  • messaging/reminder system
  • news
  • games.

It will feature an easy to use format for people with mild to moderate cognitive impairment and will enable the collaboration of secondary end-users. As the application will be completely customisable, a family member or carer will be able to prepare a unique personal interface based on the user’s changing needs, wishes and abilities.

David Williams, head of research and development for Housing 21 said:

“This is an exciting application that aims to enhance the lives of people with dementia and their family caregivers. Housing 21 is delighted to be a partner in this project.”

The proposal will build upon a Norwegian prototype with the addition of new functions and the adaptation into English and German versions. Housing 21’s funding, through the FP7-ICT programme, will allow for field trials in the UK. The European partners in the project include four Norwegian organisations, the Berlin Institute for Social Research and Trent Dementia Services and Development Centre."

The aim of MyLife is to: 

  • reduce social isolation and boredom
  • stimulate cognitive ability
  • enable people with dementia to live at home for longer
  • enhance participation and independence
  • reduce the family caregiver's stress.

Users will be involved at all stages of the project, which will run for two years from 1st April, 2011.