Margaret Butterworth award success

Magna Eyre, from Housing 21's Dementia Services Home Care Plus Team in Tresham, was honoured with the Margaret Butterworth Award for excellence in dementia care at the recent Dementia UK Training Awards.

The annual award aims to celebrate excellence in dementia care in the spirit of, and in the memory of, Margaret Butterworth's life. Open to all paid care workers, activity co-ordinators and health care assistants who worked with people with dementia in the Greater London area, the award is special recognition for Magna’s hard work. A service user's daughter commented:

"My mother has been much happier and less agitated and despite the inexorable advance of dementia, she still has a good quality of life – thanks to Magna".

John Suchet, Honorary President of Dementia UK said "I am proud that Dementia UK is contributing so much to raising the standards of care provided to the carer as well as to the person with dementia. I congratulate not only the individuals themselves on their achievements tonight but also applaud their organisations for positively choosing to help their staff improve their understanding and practice in dementia care."