The National Dementia Strategy - Housing 21's response

The Department of Health has launched the first ever National Dementia Strategy for England. The strategy explains what needs to happen to radically transform the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers in the next five years.

David Williams, Head of Dementia Services for Housing 21 commented: "The launch of the National Dementia Strategy is a major step forward. We welcome the establishment of a National Older People and Dementia Programme Board as well as Regional Support Teams. We would, however, urge the broadening of membership of these groups to include housing and care providers because of their valuable experience.

"Whilst we welcome and recognise the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, we are disappointed with the lack of emphasis on research. It is a major problem if we cannot provide evidence-based interventions for people with dementia.

"It isn't clear what funding will be provided for other services and we would like to see clear investment into the services that individuals with dementia need in order to maintain their independence. This includes specialist dementia home care, social inclusion services and end of life services, which are essential to maintaining well being."

Read a copy of the Department of Health's Dementia Strategy - Living well with dementia