Personalisation brings risks as well as benefits

Building Choices Part 2: Getting Personal was launched today (Thursday 4 June) at the National Sheltered and Supported Housing Conference.

The report examines how personalisation would affect specialist housing for older people and is the final stage of a project by Housing 21 with funding from the Tenant Services Authority.

Whilst welcoming the positive benefits of personalisation, the report suggests that elements such as personal budgets need to be planned and implemented carefully if provision such as extra care housing is to remain viable. The report urges that specialist housing providers should start to play a central role in personalisation.

Sarah Vallelly, joint author of the report, says: "Elements such as 24 hour on-site care and support are crucial to the extra care model. It was striking to hear older people say that some elements of personalisation could undermine the whole idea of extra care housing and make them nervous for their future".

"Clearly, policymakers and commissioners must listen to the concerns of older people and need to work with providers to ensure older people have real choice and control over their lives".

Download a copy of Building Choices Part 2: Getting Personal

The IGP Fieldwork Report outlines the fieldwork and research undertaken.