Buying your home

We have retirement properties for sale on many of our retirement and extra care courts.

All of our properties are leasehold. Leases are initially offered for a period of 99 or 125 years.

The lease outlines your relationship with us as your landlord, and includes information on:

  • service charges payable towards management and maintenance of the building
  • your responsibility for repairs to your home
  • terms and conditions for selling your property

Purchase options               

We have various purchase options on our developments, which may have properties for:

·        Shared ownership purchase

·        Shared Equity purchase

·        100% purchase - outright ownership

Shared ownership

Where we have shared ownership purchase options on our new developments, we offer sales between 25% and 75% of the full market value of each property. We charge rent on the unpurchased percentage - however in some cases when a 75% purchase option is chosen you will not have to pay rent on the final 25%.

Shared Equity

We don't offer Shared Equity purchases on new developments, but some older developments offer Shared Equity resales. 

Shared Equity allows you to purchase 70% of the full market value of the property - the remaining 30% remains in our ownership.

Outright ownership

With outright ownership you buy 100% of the full market value of the property.

For more information about buying a Housing & Care 21 property please phone 0345 608 4021 or email the Sales Team.