Rent breakdown

The total amount you pay for your home is broken down into:

  • Net rent
  • Service charge - covering the court manager service (if you have one) and items such as cleaning, lighting and heating of communal areas, gardening, window cleaning
  • Fuel charge (where applicable)
  • Supporting People charge - covering housing related support provided by your court manager and the cost of your community alarm. Ask your court manager if are eligible to apply for a supporting people grant to cover this cost.

Other charges

Council Tax

You are responsible for paying your own Council Tax.

Water Rates/Water Meters

Sometimes we collect water charges from tenants and pay the water company. You will be informed at the beginning of your tenancy if we make this collection. If we don't you will be billed by the water company.

Television licence

The television licence is free to everyone who is 75 and over. For those below this age, many courts qualify for a concessionary TV licence, which currently costs £7.50 per flat per year. Details are available from your court manager.

Optional services

Your court may offer a variety of other services which are not included in your rent and service charge. Examples are cleaning services in your own flat, and personal care services. Details are available from your court manager.

For further information about paying your rent, services charges or supporting people charges, please speak to your court manager or download the Understanding your service charges leaflet.