We feel at home here - John and Nessie's story

We feel at home here - John and Nessie's story

John moved to a Housing & Care 21 extra care court with his wife Nessie, who has dementia, after he found it increasingly difficult to cope alone.

Thanks to the benefits of having care on site and a supportive community around them, the care hours the couple receive have reduced substantially from 23 hours a week to just 15.

“We feel at home here,” explains John.

“Having people here all the time makes a huge difference for so many reasons.

“Nessie likes to socialise with others, and she loves taking part in the activities so she is much happier here than she was before.

“It also means I have more independence and I feel like I've got my own life back. It's a great relief.

“The care here is completely different to what we received in our home before moving. It’s focused on us. Your carers become your friends and really help you with everything. It’s more homely here, we feel so much more secure.”