A real sense of community - Maureen's story

A real sense of community - Maureen's story

Maureen, a wheelchair user, moved to one of our extra care courts after 4 years living at a local council retirement housing scheme. Maureen has two 30-minute care calls a day, and takes part in the regular social activities at the court, including a fortnightly choir group and regular bingo sessions.

“Anyone who lives here is very lucky to be here. Moving here has made a massive difference to my life," Maureen explains.

“It’s wonderful, there’s just a real sense of community.

“I take part in some of the activities but there’s such a sense of community that we're mixing together all the time.

“You come down to have your lunch or dinner and everyone is sitting around chatting and having a great laugh, and in the evenings people sit together.

“You can tell as soon as you walk in the doors that this is a friendly, happy place. There's always laughter somewhere in the building.

“There's just no comparison with where I used to live where you could go days without seeing anyone.

“The carers here are not just carers, they’re your friends. They don’t mind what they do, they really are fantastic. Having that support and knowing it's there makes a world of difference.

“I don’t have to worry because I know I’m going to be looked after. I know that there’s a meal waiting downstairs for me. There’s a salon and there are other amenities which are all really handy.

“You couldn’t ask for a better place, you really couldn’t.”