Our lives have been transformed - Carol's story

Our lives have been transformed - Carol's story

Carol is a 60-year-old amputee with learning difficulties. Carol lived with her mother her whole life, but when her mother was diagnosed with dementia Carol’s disabilities meant she couldn’t care properly for her, and the existing living arrangement became increasingly difficult to sustain. Her family saw an advert for one of our extra care courts, and worked closely with their local council so that Carol was able to move into her new home within a few weeks.

Because she was so used to her mother looking after her, Carol was unable to complete basic tasks like cooking and cleaning. She was given a package of reablement care on arrival at our extra care court, and after a number of weeks was able to look after herself. She now has sporadic care, most recently after a short stay in hospital which left her temporarily incapacitated.

Carol's sister Celia explains how the move to a Housing & Care 21 extra care scheme has transformed all of their lives.

"Carol had always lived with mum, but after mum was diagnosed with dementia it became increasingly apparent that this couldn't continue.

"As an interim measure we had to make the difficult decision to move Carol into a nursing home with mum while we found an alternative.

“We really were at the end of our tether. We didn’t know where to go or what to do.

“Out of the blue we saw an ad in the local newspaper for Housing & Care 21 extra care, and arranged to come and see an apartment. Within weeks she had moved in, we couldn’t believe how quickly it moved!

"When she first moved in she couldn't do things for herself so she was given a package of reablement care.

"Now the difference is monumental - she has flourished and is living independently, looking after herself and joining in all of the social activities. She always has a smile on her face and we're safe in the knowledge that she's happy here.

“There is an amazing community spirit here and everyone looks out for one another. When Carol recently returned from hospital everyone was waiting for her in the restaurant and gave out a massive cheer, it was so lovely to see.

“From our point of view we know that we can leave her here and everything will be alright. She has people around her all the time; the carers are fantastic and will drop in to make sure she is ok.

“We’re not worrying that we have to be here all the time, she can live an independent life and we can actually come and visit her as family members and enjoy the quality time we spend together rather than be doing chores and looking after her. Our lives have been transformed, I cannot overstate what a wonderful place this is.”