Dementia Action Plan

The main results which fed into a subsequent organisational wide action plan were:

  • There are an estimated 11% of residents in Retirement Housing with a diagnosis of or suspected dementia. This figure rises to 24% in Extra Care
  • When asked whether they had the local knowledge to signpost people with dementia to support services, 81% of Court Managers in Retirement Housing agreed that they did. A slightly lower 75% of Extra Care Court Managers agreed.

Court Managers were asked what they perceived to be the greatest challenges they faced in supporting people with dementia. The main areas which were raised included:

  • Working with external agencies, including the challenge of getting a diagnosis
  • Lack of day services and specialist dementia support groups
  • Negative reactions from other residents
  • Safeguarding issues including wandering with purpose
  • The time is taken to deal with all of these issues and support the resident and their family

This research resulted in an action plan being developed around the pillars of people, places, and processes and we are working tirelessly as an organisation to ensure we are doing everything we can to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.

As part of this work, we encourage all of our staff to become dementia-friends. Find out more about this initiative here