Still army barmy after 22 years of service

Brian Edden.pngBrian Edden, a resident of Barnes Court in Wigan, has a unique claim to fame relating to his time in the Royal Artillery.

Now 78 and happily retired, Brian served for 22 years and was stationed all over the world, including Northern Ireland, Germany, Africa and Borneo.

One memory that stands out is from his time spent in Hong Kong, as the UK was preparing to end its influence over the territory and hand over to China.

Brian was stationed there for two years in the build up to the handover, and it was him that actually fired the last artillery round of the British military’s time there.

Brian was the longest serving member of the battery when he performed the final shot ceremony. He kept the casing of the howitzer shell he fired on that day, and has turned it into a flower pot.

He said: “It was really interesting being in Hong Kong at that time, as you did feel you were part of history.

“I’m still army-barmy, it still means a lot to me.

Brian Edden artillery.png

“I think this time of Remembrance is so important, it must be supported and honoured.

“We lost someone when we were in Northern Ireland, and whether its one person or 10, as colleagues you still feel that loss and understand the need to remember the fallen.”