Herbert Buzzard Court anniversary

Herbert Buzzard.jpgHerbert Buzzard Court, a Retirement Housing scheme in Hucknall, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with a tribute to the World War Two hero it is named after.

Herbert Buzzard was awarded the Military Medal for bravery after single-handedly saving a soldier’s life and capturing six German fighters.

Two of his relatives, granddaughters June Flint and Kay Burton, attended an event to celebrate the anniversary, and spoke to guests about his accomplishments and later work with the Royal British Legion.

Herbert served as the branch secretary of the Hucknall Royal British Legion for 21 years and worked very hard to help the organisation repatriate servicemen back from the war.

The court was named after him following a vote by the local community. It was opened in September 1976 by Commander Philip Franklin D.C.S Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire and patron of the Royal British Legion.

June said: “He was in the war and they were under fire when he was able to capture six Germans. He also managed to save a comrade while they were under fire, which two others could not do.

“However, in the long-run, he got shot himself and lost his foot.”

Kay added that the British Legion still had the old minute books of the meetings he had attended, and they had really enjoyed being able to research all the material about their war hero grandfather.

The Royal British Legion also attended the celebration event and put on a display of memorabilia.

Court Manager Debra Mundle said: “We felt that after 40 years we should celebrate, and that it was important that the community should be part of that.

“It’s a good community-spirit thing to do, as we’ve had lots of different agencies attend today and people come together.”

Retirement Housing Manager Phillipa Hallam said: “It was lovely to see lots of members of the community at the court.

“It was great to be able to see the memorabilia the Royal British Legion had on display, and the plaque showing what Herbert Buzzard achieved.”