Jessie's story

Jessie 4.jpg

It's not everyone who gets invited to Buckingham Palace to share the Queen's 60th wedding anniversary but for Jessie Littler that's exactly what happened.

Jessie, who now lives at The Watermill, one of our Extra Care schemes in Walsall, was invited to share the Queen's big day because she married her husband Norman in the same year. 

Jessie said: "On 24th May 1947 Norman and I got married at St Michaels All Angels Church, Pelsall.

"We had a white wedding and were married the same year as the Queen.

"For our 60th wedding anniversary we were invited to a very special garden party at Buckingham palace. We were picked from lots of people in the area who also were married the same year.

"Norman said he didn’t want to go! But I told him not to be 'crab arse'.

"I can't remember his reply but it must have been unrepeatable!

"We went and there were lots of people there. I felt very comfortable. The Queen was just like one of us.

"It was a lovely day and we didn’t need an umbrella."

And what about the Duke? For Jessie, born and bred in the Black Country, there was only one word to describe the man “bostin!” (meaning really rather good!).

Pictured: Jessie and Norman on the day they met the Queen