Carers Week

Carers_Week_2016.jpgCarers Week is an annual campaign that aims to increase awareness of care and highlight challenges faced by carers across the UK, as well as recognising their contribution to families and communities.

The focus of the campaign for 2016 is building Carer Friendly Communities - where carers are recognised as individuals with their own needs and supported while caring for family or friends.

Our pledge for Carers Week 2016

At Housing & Care 21, we will continue to build and invest in Retirement Housing and Extra Care courts that provide supportive environments for older carers.

Throughout the planning and delivery of our services, we will remember the important role they can play in allowing carers to continue to care for their loved ones as part of an understanding and helpful community, while maintaining their independence.


Bruce Moore

By Bruce Moore, CEO


By John Robertshaw, Financial Wellbeing Manager

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